Unable to Dim Aeotec Micro Dimmer

(Frank Fabricante) #1

I added an Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) to my network today. It was able to pair without issue, and turning it on and off from the SmartThings App works as expected.

However, whenever I use the slider to change brightness on the “Things” setting page for the dimmer switch an “Unable to send command” message is displayed and the brightness of the connected light does not change.

I have no issue dimming the light using the physical dimmer switch itself.

I also installed the “Gentle Wake Up” app and confirmed that it was able to gradually increase the brightness using setLevel commands.

Any ideas why the Thing brightness slider is not working?

(Andrew Urman) #2

@fabricante are you Android? I’m pretty sure I know the issue.

(Frank Fabricante) #3

Thanks for the quick response!

Actually, iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 5S.

(Frank Fabricante) #4

Any chance it is because SmartThings thinks the Device type is “Aeon Illuminator Module” ? Is there an “Aeon Dimmer Module” device type?

(Chrisb) #5


Just for the heck of it I would trying changing the device type to Dimmer Switch. See if that works.

(Frank Fabricante) #6

Can I change the Device Type without removing and re-adding it?

The Hub picked it up as a “Aeon Illuminator Module” on its own, but there was no option to set that manually when adding. It only has SmartThings device types listed and then “Other” – none of the third-party options appear to be user selectable.

(Frank Fabricante) #7

I was able to change the device type to Dimmer Switch through the web interface and can confirm that the dimmer slider works now.

However, it no longer has the ability to track the energy usage of the Aeon switch which defeats the purpose of getting the Smart Energy model.

I’m going to open a ticket with Support to see if an Aeon Illuminator Dimmer device type can be added that is capable of both dimming and monitoring energy usage.

(Andrew Urman) #8

@fabricante are you still having the issue? Should be fixed.

(Frank Fabricante) #9

Looking good now. Thanks!

(Daniel B) #10

@fabricante, would you care to share what you did to get the Aeotec Dimmer fully functional? I have one added now as a “Dimmer Switch” device type. On/Off and Dimmer slider all work, but I don’t have the ability to track energy. What did you do to get all the functionality to work? Thanks!

(Frank Fabricante) #11

I set mine to Device Type “Aeon Illuminator Module” and that enables on/off, dimmer, and energy usage functionality.

(Daniel B) #12

Frank, thanks for the tip! I now see a title for energy usage! It’s blank as of now, but I hope/assume that once the plug sees some energy usage it will start reporting.

(Frank Fabricante) #13

Glad to hear it is working @danielb ! Click on the “Activity” button when you are looking at your Aeon dimmer and you’ll see the log entries that are listed in thousandths of kWh.

(Daniel B) #14

Frank, energy usage is not showing up in the Activity log. I see entries for turning on and off the plugged in light, but no energy usage. Do you have any suggestions before I reach out to ST support? By any chance, did you make any modifications to the Device Type code in the IDE? Thanks!

(MIchael) #15

Danielb did you manage to get the energy usage ?, I am having the same problem now, one year after you posted this answer.
I also have gen 2 micro smart dimmer from Aeon Labs,

Thanks anyway

(Ray) #16

Double check the device type in IDE just to be sure you have the right one. I have quite a few of these modules and they are working just fine. Also leave the light on long enough to see the change.

(MIchael) #17

Hi Navat604 I am using the Aeon Illuminator Module, and it doesn’t show the usage. only shows a – .
Was trying to find another device that could have a dimmer and a usage but didn’t find one.

In this case was trying to find out what Danielb did for it to work.