Aeon Labs Z-wave Door / Window Sensor 6 ZW112-A

Looks like the Aeotec Door Sensor v6 is finally available for sale:

Anyone tried this already with SmartThings? Does it work well?


@drochman, not at that price…especially since you can get Iris sensors for half. I like the form factor, but I’m not willing to pay that price.

I agree! I would wait for price to go down a bit, but the form factor is pretty slick…
I hate putting the current bulky form factor of the alternative sensors on windows. This is a nice one that can barely be seen.

Not sure why the rechargeable battery. Probably that and the USB port were the reason for that crazy price.

Just got mine. They link fine with the standard device type.

Thanks @jabbera!

Just curious, has anyone used one of these outdoors? Seems like it might be ideal since the battery is rechargeable for something like a gate and/or mailbox where exposure to the elements might affect battery life.

I picked one up off BuyDig for $36 to try out and unfortunately the frames on our windows are too wide for the sensor to register the magnet but not wide enough for the sensor to fit on the frame. I filed for an RMA, but now I’m wondering if using this outdoors might work.