Aeon releases Gen5

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Hopefully they actually ship these products. I have been waiting for the door bell for quite awhile.

Checking on Amazon today, they at least have the recessed door sensor ($48ish).

Here’s to hoping something else (like the doorbell/alarm) becomes available something this decade.


I checked yesterday and they were still out of stock.

I snagged a couple. I already have two of the older version and think they are great. It is more than twice I spent before but I’m concerned with availability.

Siren looks pretty solid as well…

Agreed. I like that the backup battery is constantly charged.

+1 for the Siren…

I just feel Aeotec never actually releases these cool things they show on the website…

Sweet! Recessed 2x door sensor ordered. I hope the doorbell isn’t a vapor product I want those as well.

I would love to tie my doorbell into ST. Hopefully they release it at some point. I’ve also had my eye on the Smart Film for awhile now.

Amazon’s out of stock again. Anyone happen to know who has the recessed door sensors in stock?

They sold out fast. I ordered them as soon as this post came out and I think it was the following day maybe two they were sold out. Looks like any place that has the US version is now sold out / backordered.

In stock here:

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