Aeon releases Gen5

(Beckwith) #1

(Blake Westerdahl) #2

Hopefully they actually ship these products. I have been waiting for the door bell for quite awhile.

(Michael Dow) #3

Checking on Amazon today, they at least have the recessed door sensor ($48ish).

Here’s to hoping something else (like the doorbell/alarm) becomes available something this decade.


(Beckwith) #4

I checked yesterday and they were still out of stock.

I snagged a couple. I already have two of the older version and think they are great. It is more than twice I spent before but I’m concerned with availability.


Siren looks pretty solid as well…

(Beckwith) #6

Agreed. I like that the backup battery is constantly charged.

(Darryl) #7

+1 for the Siren…

I just feel Aeotec never actually releases these cool things they show on the website…

(Matt) #8

Sweet! Recessed 2x door sensor ordered. I hope the doorbell isn’t a vapor product I want those as well.


I would love to tie my doorbell into ST. Hopefully they release it at some point. I’ve also had my eye on the Smart Film for awhile now.

(James Morris) #10

Amazon’s out of stock again. Anyone happen to know who has the recessed door sensors in stock?

(Matt) #11

They sold out fast. I ordered them as soon as this post came out and I think it was the following day maybe two they were sold out. Looks like any place that has the US version is now sold out / backordered.

(Michael Barry) #12

In stock here: