Aeon HEMv2 needing reset

(Ian D) #1

I have an Aeon HEM v2 and the device require a reset every few days (in the ST app) otherwise it just stops reporting any value. I’ve tried a few different device types and it’s not making any difference. Am I alone with that problem?


(Barry) #2

Best Bet - completely remove the device from SmartThings, re-exclude the device from Z-Wave network, then re-add it back to SmartThings…

(Alex) #3

@reward72 - Did following Barry’s suggestion fix the issue? I am having the same thing happening but I thought it was due to errors in the device handler I am trying to rewrite so that it will work better on Android. Since I wired mine on its own breaker I was just turning it on/off every few days for now…

(Ian D) #4

I have yet to try. Will do tonight.

(Ian D) #5

I did the test last night. So far so good, but it’s been only 12 hours… I’ll give an update in a few days.

(Ian D) #6

It eventually stopped working yesterday… I just clicked the “reset” button of the app and it’s working again. I wonder if there is a way to force a reset every now and then…

(Alex) #7

While I was rewriting the device handler to better suit my needs and to make it work on Android I had that happen several times. In a few occasions I just turned the breaker powering the HEM on/off but that is quite inconvenient. In a few other cases I just pointed my device to a different device handler and in many cases it seemed to start sending values on its own after a bit. I figured that some error in my code was causing it to freeze…

My first stab at a device handler is linked below. My starting point was @storageanarchy 's device handler but I made significant changes. There is lots more work to be done and I am not sure I can fully support it if you have issues… so please only use it if it works for you. Feedback is very welcome but I just do not know if I can act on it (right away or ever).

Ensure to go into the preferences to see if the defaults suit your needs. I am not sure they are actually working correctly though… I am passing an decimal value to the config option while I think it expects hex so it may not work right. The biggest fear I have is that it generates too much traffic congesting your network. Again, if you have any issues, please revert back to some other HEM. My device handler is likely still full of issues even though it seems to be doing its job.