Updated device handler for Aeon Hem Gen 2? (Feb 2019)

Looking to see if anyone has an updated device handler. This HEM works well, but the device handlers are all old and not working 100% or not displaying settings correctly.

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strange isn’t it? The most important meter has the most haphazard device handler.

I commented out the heatmapped colors that Android couldn’t handle, and that was about it. It’s sending twice what I need since it also updates “power disp” with units spelled out. But I could not grok what to cut.

Maybe the original threads have better info.

Yeah I did some minor mods as well. I just made it simple. I don’t really look at it that often anyway. I wrote an app to send my energy usage data to a thingsspeak account and that is really what I use most.

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Do you happen to know how to update the reporting interval? I have tried with no success. Also the settings labels are broken for some reason.

I don’t. In fact I had this set up at a previous home and it was reporting enegry usage about every 10 seconds. I had to shut it down for about a week while we were moving and when I finally got it set back up at the new place it was only reporting about every 2 minutes.

At first I thought it must not be working, but I let it run a few days and it was right on point with the usage my power company was reporting.

My smart app I wrote also monitors the device to determine if it locks up and It will power cycle the device when it does. I have it plugged into a smart outlet. I had the app set to power cycle if it did not receive a energy event in 30 seconds. And it would reset itself about once a week at the previous home… At the new house I had to modify it to 5 minutes and planned to go back and figure out why it was reporting so much slower. I didn’t change anything as far as i know. It was low on my priority list as you may imagine after a move. So I never got back to checking it out. I now probably have time but I have noticed with the slower reporting time if never requires a reset. It has been several months since the last time it reset itself. So I am just going to leave it alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I just want it to report every 30 seconds. its currently reporting every 6 seconds.

yeah I would hate that rate. You probably have to tweak the device handler in the config section, publish it to yourself, then press the “configure” button on the device in the phone-app.

I never reset - 5 minutes has been good.

I’ve tried two different device handlers with mine but wound up having to remove the device entirely. It wreaks havoc on my zwave network. Half my sensors go offline and no amount of repairs will get things back to normal. Anyone else have this issue?

Never had this issue.

I assume it’s something in the configure subroutine in the DTH. Parameters 111, 112, 113 deal with the reporting groups reporting intervals. My DTH seems to have energy and volts reporting set at 60 , Wattage at 30 and Current at 12 seconds. This does not seem to correspond to the reporting intervals I am seeing, however. There is the capability that allows you to set the device so it will only report when the usage increases by a certain percentage. The intervals seem to change, which implies it is doing that if I watch the logging in the IDE, but from what I see from the configure setup that feature should be disabled.

So I would suggest playing around with the DTH in the IDE and see if you can slow it down. I am not inclined to play around with mine as it is working right now and I don’t want to take a chance on changing something that I can’t get back.