Repeated "Not Yet Configured" prompt for same Device

Starting last weekend. every day or so, my ST app indicates there is 1 device “Not Yet Configured”. It is always my Aeon Multi Sensor. Once I go through the reconfigure I am good for a day or so. Thing is this device was initially configured at least 2 months ago and the app only started complaining lately. Anyone else experience this problem or have suggestions on how to go about fixing this?

that’s weird! Seriously, not something you should see from a zwave device. (Zigbee devices might sometimes do that, but they pair differently.)

Report it to and see what they say. Very curious!

I did have this problem with one of my aeon multi as well. Everything else in that room was ok. In my case. Range was the problem. I bought a cheap plugin dimmer module for range extender, did a z-wave repair and seem to be working for now. Unless when it’s pouring rain.
You would think 3 Z-Wave light switches in the same room would work as a mesh for it but not in my case.

Was it a gen five? I wonder if this is because it’s a security device.

Mine was an older sensor. Another hint when it’s out of range is random temperature spike. Sometime I will get a report of crazy temp like 190 degree.

Yes, it is a gen 5 sensor located in the same spot since install.
Funny Nav would mention a plugin module and range extender . I just plugged one in days ago closer to the hub but about 10 -12 feet from sensor. Not sure if my problem coincides with this latest addition but I know I did a repair only 3 days ago. Tried it again this AM and now wait and see if the problem reoccurs