Advise Needed - Bright Strip Light with Edge Driver for USA

I am planning on adding some strip lights as ambient lighting on a vaulted ceiling. My requirements are that they are bright (they will be mounted inside a housing), and run locally. As I will have about 30 feet of them, their cost is a minor factor. Currently, I do not have integrations with any other local hubs like Phillips or Aquara so I’d prefer to stay away from lights that need a unique hub.

Any suggestions?

tp-link kasa or meross lightstrips are an option. You can check them out to see if they meet your brightness requirement. Those are two wifi options. You didn’t mention if you were looking for zigbee, wifi or other.

if you can wait for Matter supported light strips, there should be more options available at some point.

But wait for it…
@JDRoberts will post good options for you! :wink:


I just put some 24v COB strips in my kitchen I got them from eBay from a Chinese seller they have that small Tuya white controller with a button @Mariano_Colmenarejo added them to his Zigbee light driver and they work well dimming and kelvin adjustment. I can dm you a link if you want.

I mounted them on an aluminum strip to dissipate the heat as they are about 15 watts per yard on 100% brightness

A few questions first:

  1. do you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, and if so, which model? The device selections will vary.

  2. what country are you in? Again device selections vary.

  3. are you willing to wait a few months? As @jkp said, Matter should bring a number of new candidates in this category, but they aren’t here yet.

  4. How bright is “bright”? Specifically in lumens. If it’s easier, you can compare them to the old incandescent bulbs. So similar to 60 watt? 75 watt? 100 watt?

  5. would you consider using a smart controller with dumb LED strips? Not only does that give you more choices, you can typically get much brighter, dumb strips because there’s no radio technology in that part of the set up.

  6. how long does each individual strip have to be, or is it one continuous line of 30 feet?

  7. How high is the ceiling? That’s also going to affect the perceived brightness.

Those answers should give us a much better idea of the project, and let us recommend more appropriate candidates. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile, you might want to take a look at the community review topic on LED strips. It’s from 2020, so there are some newer models that aren’t included, but otherwise, I think everything that’s there is still a possible candidate.

ST-compatible RGBW LED Strip Controller Reviews (2020)


Answered inline.

An LED controller in this context doesn’t have much to do with the wall switch. It’s a small box that you plug the dumb LED strips into. You’ll still need a separate wall switch if you want one. There are many different controller brands, they are all about the same size. I would avoid the super cheap ones from China as they generally don’t have good safety certifications.

the Zigbee ones are typically available in many regions.

If you are in North America, zooz is a zwave brand that’s definitely worth considering. The manufacturer has been providing the needed edge drivers.

Another candidate regardless of region is the Zigbee Gledopto models. I know Mariano has an edge driver for at least one of those, GL-C-008S. (They have a lot of different models. If it matters to you, only the “pro“ line are Zigbee repeaters.) or you can connect them to a hue bridge and use them that way.

And here’s the custom edge driver for it:

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

Because of the height of your ceiling, and the length of the strips you need, I think I would definitely go with a smart controller and dumb LED strips. It should be much less expensive for you to get the brightness you need that way. :sunglasses::bulb:

You didn’t answer the question about whether you were willing to wait to see what matter candidates will become available. (You said the protocol was fine, but you didn’t say if you were OK with waiting six months or so.) unless you specifically want Wi-Fi, I don’t think there’s any reason to wait in your case if you go with a smart controller/dumb strips setup. :thinking:


The edge driver from Mariano has fingerprints for 26 of the Gledopto models, so it should work for pretty much any of them. And if you happen to find one that’s not in there, it’s likely pretty easy to have him add it (or just manually assign that driver).

I’ve been really happy with my older Gledopto LED controllers, and the newer models look even nicer. They’re also some of the very few ZigBee repeaters that play well with my Aqara and Xiaomi sensors.

One thing to look out for with these is the 1 device ID vs 2 device ID model issue. If pairing directly to SmartThings you’ll want to make sure it’s one of the models with only a single device ID, as I believe SmartThings is unable to properly control dual ID devices, and you’ll probably end up with a controllable RGB strip and an always on white strip. If connecting through a Hue hub it’s a non-issue, as Hue handles multiple device IDs from a single device quite well. All of the pro models are single ID.