LE 16.4ft/5m Smart Dimmable Flexible RGB LED Light Strips

I found these on Amazon, they say Zigbee but I cannot tell if they have to go through a proprietary hub for connection or if they are native ZigBee. Any ideas? Good price, if they work.

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They use zigbee, and they say they’re ZHA which would mean it would work with SmartThings although it might need custom code. It would not work with a hue bridge. As long as there’s a good return policy, you could try it.

Here’s the hub that they intend you to use with it if you want to do more research.

It’s Amazon Prime. Should be OK. I have the ST hub. I didn’t see the ZHA rating in the description, just the key word in the title. At the price I think I will just jump in. I wish I could find more technical detail though.

I had to dig pretty deep. There was nothing in the description for the LED strip. Once I checked their hub, I found two things: a statement from the company that Cree bulbs would work with it and a statement from a reviewer that the bulb worked with another automation hub, but not the hue bridge. You put all that together, particularly the Cree, and it sounds like ZHA. But they are not listed on the zigbee alliance certified product list. That doesn’t always mean something: the zigbee list is often way out of date, unlike the Z wave alliance product list, which stays current and is updated whenever a new device is certified.

Unfortunately the manufacturer’s English website is crashing with a script error so there’s no way to check there.

So I don’t know anyway to check for sure at this point, but as long as you can return it it seems worth a try. There will be more certifications on the device in the box so there will be more to check then.

I will follow up this weekend, they should be here Thursday.

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There should be an FCC license number on the device somewhere. Post that and we ought to be able to find out more. :sunglasses:

Got it today. I’m not too hopeful, it uses a CC2530 ZigBee controller but is not recognised by the ST hub. Back it goes.
New photo by Glenn Brockett
The radio board.

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Does it even appear as a ‘Thing’ at all?

Nope, likely the wrong zigbee protocol in firmware. Nothing on the search. I don’t have anything more than my ST hub to work with.

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I am being a full refund though. No sweat off of my back.

Too bad. I saw a couple of LE devices that people claimed working with other zigbee hub. Could it be the pairing process is not clear or hard to do?

Above my current skill/motivation level at least. It appears there is a data connection on the board, but I couldn’t ID the second chip.

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No FCC license number?

Not that I could find, it could have been under the ZigBee board but I was unwilling to pry it up. nothing on the box. The ZigBee chip is self contained, so would be likely under the standard FCC certification.

Any RF Device to be sold in the US has to have an FCC certification and it changes even if the case changes because that can influence the RF signal strength. You can’t just take a certified chip and stick it in a new device and sell it. You do get to use the fact that the pre-certified chip went through a bunch of earlier testing which reduces your cost significantly as well as the time it takes to test. But you don’t get to forgo testing all together. And if you change the antenna you have to start from scratch even if you didn’t change the chip.

You still need to have your product tested for unintentional emissions associated with the non-transmitter circuitry in your design.

So the completed device should have its own FCC registration, separate from the pre-certified chip.


The FCC identifier can be listed in the user manual if there’s not enough space on the device itself. But otherwise, it is supposed to be “visible at the time of purchase.” You should not have to tear down the device to find it.

be visible at the time of purchase on the exterior of the equipment enclosure.

Couldn’t find it on the packaging, didn’t look too hard at the manual for FCC statement. not on the device itself.

Not a big deal either way, since it didn’t pair. :sunglasses:

anyone tried these successfully? would be awesome if someone could get these to work cause i haven’t seen a 16 feet of lights for this cheap $21.99 right now

Those are the ones I started this thread with. I couldn’t get the ST hub to find them.