Publish for public distribution?

I’m working on a SmartApp and noticed that under the ‘Publishing Code’ Developer Documentation there is a Note saying “SmartThings is not reviewing submissions for public distribution at this time.”

Does anyone know if this comment is up to date / when SmartThings will start accepting submissions again? In the IDE there’s still the option to go through the Publication Request, but I don’t want to spend the time if SmartThings isn’t going to be looking!


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They posted this in the forum earlier this year. No indication that they’ve publicly changed this policy.

But the community will!
If all the developers here thought that then we wouldn’t have some of the best smartapps available…


Great point!

The fact that ST won’t publish it so that it would show up in their mobile app in no way means that OP shouldn’t consider sharing it among this community of developers and power users.

The ST IDE still allows for integration with GitHub repositories, which makes it pretty easy for other users to install and update community-developed smartapps and device handlers.