ADT water sensors in Home Monitor

I had a few SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detectors working perfectly fine during the pre-Edge driver days. A few months ago, Samsung ‘accidentally’ deleted all my devices, and I couldn’t add them back without a factory reset. I am slowly adding all my devices back. Today I successfully re-added the water sensors. They show up under my devices and work as expected, showing Dry/Wet status, temperature, and battery. But sensors are not showing up under Home Monitor. When I go to Life > Home Monitor > Leaks, it says ‘no Leak sensor.’ Is anyone having the same issue?

They are all showing up on mine

You might need to add them back to STHM

You can select all or just specif sensors

Thanks, are you using custom Driver?

I am using stock driver

That is my issue. It doesn’t see any sensors in STHM.

Although the sensor shows up under devices