Home Monitor not seeing my leak sensors

The Home Monitor app is not seeing my (recently added new) leak sensors. My old ones broke with the migration. Their replacements paired fine and show up as leak sensor devices using the stock zigbee water leak sensor edge driver – but the home monitor refuses to show/find them.

I can setup a separate automation as a w/a but would rather get the monitor to work as it is supposed to. Any suggestions?

brand/model of the new leak sensors? also, out of curiousity … brand/model of the old ones? which hub do you have?

Replacements are Third Reality. Prior were Utilitech TST01-1, old IRIS ones IIRC. The latter were migrated to use the standard Zwave sensor driver, but it did not work properly. Actually one of the 2 I had seemed completely dead, so maybe it was a hardware failure. The 2nd just wouldn’t generate leak events to the driver (although its local alarm always went off).

Hub is a v2.

Those should show up. Let’s check some things… if you open Home Monitor… tap on the cog in upper right… tap on the Leaks field… tap on Set up leak sensor field… if Use all leak sensors is enabled… disable and tap on Use all leak sensors field… do they appear in the list?

if you already looked there… sorry for the follow up :slight_smile:

Looked there. When I select “use all”, nothing is shown. Come to think of it, I do have two other pre-existing leak detectors that should show up there (Aquara’s, also using an edge driver) but do not.
So the problem seems to not be specific to the leak sensor device I am using.

have you checked security and smoke sensors to ensure all appear?

try removing one of the devices, reset it, add it back by Scan Nearby

STHM is useless for security due to the dysfunctional non-robust location services available, and months ago I stopped using it for that. Just left custom leak sensor monitors (don’t have smoke detectors).
This is clearly not a device problem since automations based on them are fine, so I don’t see the point in deleting/readding. I’ll submit a ticket and move forwards with my w/a. Thanks.

there is always the option to clear the app cache if using android