ADT Test Not Working With New Motion Sensors

I am trying to seek some help as I got 2 new motion sensors off of Amazon and it is on the Canopy and IDE site however, it won’t test. I called ADT and they said that they can see them so they don’t know why the test won’t go through. The sensors will not be monitored by ADT until the test goes through and my system is stuck in test mode unless I go to the Canopy site and delete the new senors that were added. I am distraught as the tech support for ADT is completely useless. They have little to no training on the system. I just got off the phone with one and their solution was basically get ADT pulse (smack forehead). It is stuck on system test required and ADT is not seeing an error on their end and claim they see the sensors. Help?

Hi, I have listened no good opinion about ADT support, in my case (no ADT monitoring service in Mexico) when I walked around test in the first set up of the hub worked very well, but last weekend I wanted test them again to adjust aim of each one, but it was not so easy that hub test recognized the motion!. I have 2 motion sensors (one 2nd flor and other 1st floor). After making a lot of movement with hands the hub could check some movement, keeping trying to find what happened I figure out “walk around” test was very unstable (my wife Chihuahua dog, walked in front few seconds after my jumping and it turns on the sensor!!!). Then I decided switch on button in the side of each sensor to physical testing (red lights) and that test went ok, they worked fine as expected. It seems to me the sensors could work fine but for any reason hub “walk around” test does not, I test them with alarm armed and they trigger it as normal. Hoping this could help you in something.

I am unable to progress to the walk around test. as soon as i hit begin test it says call ADT

What happens if you test them physically? I mean switching on te side button on each sensor and test with red lights to check if sensor detects movement ?

Testing from the panel itself works. The issue is if you have the ADT monitoring service, you have to do a test on ADT’s side that fails. You mentioned their is no ADT servicing in Mexico so you may not be familiar with what I am referring to.