ADT Motion Sensor not triggering correctly

I have an ADT hub. I recently added some motion sensors and am having some difficulty setting them up.

They are connected to my hub but they seem to not respond to motion consistently. If I am consistenty moving in front of the sensors they may respond to my motion anywhere from every 10 seconds to every few minutes (with the motion detected alert on my app lasting anywhere from 1-4seconds ). If I press the walk test button on the side of the sensors then they seem to work perfectly, triggering as soon as the previous motion detected alert ends (which will last a consistent 3 seconds).

Any ideas ? I already reset the hub and reinstalled my app. I have tested three sensors .

I believe Those have a three minute cool down., Is that what you’re seeing? That is, once motion has been reported, they will not report it again for three minutes.

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Yep spot on.

It looks like my sensors were originally behaving a little erratically. But after resetting (either the app or the hub, I’m not sure which one did the trick) they started to behave as they were supposed to: a consistent three minute cooldown until it can report again and a consistent alert duration.

I didn’t notice they were behaving correctly after the reset until you pointed out the correct behavior I should be looking for. I wasn’t expecting the long cooldown, especially since the motion detected alert lasts only a few seconds.

So in case anyone else comes across this:
1)the adt sensors have a 3 minute cooldown until they can trigger again
2)however it only says “motion detected” in the app for a few seconds (which to me was confusing since my other motion sensors all say it for the entire duration of the cooldown).
3) pressing the walk test button on the side of the adt motion sensors, however, will shorten the cooldown to just a few seconds, but only for a brief period of time (10 minutes) to make it easier to test the sensors
4)if the sensors are not behaving as described above, then try reinstalling the app or resetting the hub

I’m not sure why I couldn’t find any documentation on this but hope this helps someone. @JDRoberts where were you able to find that cooldown info ?


It was in the FCC file. :sunglasses:

It’s been discussed in the forum a couple of times:


Thanks for posting. I thought my ADT Motion sensor was not working correctly until i read this and tested it after 3 minutes again