SmartThings and Existing ADT Devices?


I have a pre-existing ADT Pulse system which has 3 door/window sensors, two motion sensors, and two cameras. I am new to setting up SmartThings automation, but so far I have several Hue bulbs, some ST Multipurpose sensors, and a few z-wave light switches running off the v3 Hub. While I am still in the return period with the Hub I am contemplating changing over to the ST/ADT Hub system. I looked and all of the devices I have are listed as compatible on the ADT site for their system with the exception of an Iris brand wall outlet, but I think that will work because their motion sensor from the same time period is listed. If it does not work, no biggie. What I am curious on, will I be able to use any of my existing ADT equipment with this new system? Or will it all have to be replaced with new items? I have read a few threads on here where people have gotten their ADT Pulse systems to work with the ST Hubs as door/window sensors. I have an all WiFi Pulse system installed about 3 years ago. How can I check to see if the sensors and cameras are compatible to work with my v3 Hub?

My other questions would be, if you had it all to do over again, would you merge the two systems or keep them separate? I am contemplating scrapping ADT all together and not paying the $62/mo monitoring service. If I have cameras and motion sensors that can alert me when there is an issue, why do I need the ADT monitoring service, too? If I were to make the switch over to the ST/ADT Hub, will it still work without the monthly monitoring service, where I can see the cameras and setup the alarm with all the alerts, etc?

My existing ADT system is using the TSSC panel and gateway and has two RC8025-ADT Indoor/Night cameras. The door and motion sensors do not have a model listed in the Pulse app page, but they look like they are pretty standard wireless modules. Any idea if these will work with the new ST/ADT system?

The cameras will work with pulse no matter which new system you are referring to. The sensors will only work with Honeywell panels. The newest panel coming out is called the Command. It is a touchscreen and has Z-wave built into the panel. It will also use the customers WiFi directly from their modem instead of adding what we called an I-Hub or cloud link. It has been released in a few markets and is being tested in ADT employees homes. If you plan on ordering ADT and will have a wireless system with cameras and/or z-wave devices (smart home).I would wait for the Command panel. The ADT dealers have nicer equipment than ADT corporate right now. Tyco sold ADT and also owns DSC which many customers have DSC Impassa panels in their homes. Well ADT got butt hurt and won’t do a DSC new install. They are still pumping out the Safewatch 3000 that is the big can in your basement along with horrendous Honeywell 5816 door/window sensors. Ask for what the techs all call hondo’s if you are getting an installation anytime soon. They are thinner and better looking. If you are building a new house have all the doors and windows wired and have them all come together in your mechanical room. Have your electrician wire up at least 1 gangbox for panel power. Also run CAT5 from wherever you plan on your internet coming into the house, i.e office to the same place. If you want sensors on your garage service door for sure run a wire. You can go wireless everywhere pretty much if you don’t mind seeing the sensors. But anywhere it gets cold like a garage service door it’s better to hard wire the sensor. Lithium batteries are not good in the cold. Although I have 4 wireless DSC door sensors in my garage in Michigan and it’s been 3 years without a battery issue. I gave you way more information than you asked for but hopefully it will help others also.

Oops I didn’t see your whole message. Without having active service you won’t be able to view the cameras or use the pulse app to control z-wave devices. You can still set the alarm which will make noise without ADT contacting anyone. You will have to hard reset the cameras and any z-wave devices from them if you have a hub to learn them into. It’s not a simple process because the devices are branded to their software. Some people have done it so it’s not impossible. The TSSC panel is Ethernet primary and cellular secondary which is the only system they have setup like that. I’m wondering if you could somehow get the panel to alert you with the right software. I know they have it locked down pretty good to prevent that kinda thing. But anything is possible I guess. You are paying more per month than I have ever seen or heard of. You may just want to tell them to lower the monitoring rate or you are canceling. $57.99 is what you would pay in Michigan for that same service. Once your 3 years is up you can get a better deal if you try hard enough. Also don’t agree to another contract unless you get a great deal locked in.