ADT ST App Stuck

This is a question for the ST ADT users.

I got a notice yesterday that I needed to choose a monitoring plan as the free one was expiring. I chose the 6 month plan and I thought everything was good.

Now when I go into ST I get a message saying a “System Test Required”. I tried going through the system test (multiple times) and it gets hung at the last step when it attempts to establish a connection to ADT. The strange thing is ADT said they can see my system just fine and everything looks good on their end. I spent an hour plus on the phone with ADT and about an hour on the phone with ST support, but no one has ever seen this issue. Has anyone in the group run across this?

I’m having the same thing adding more door/window sensors. First of three new sensors added fine. The last two hang on Confirming Connection. I’ve deleted and added them back without luck. I have an active ADT contract.

Did you end up getting this resolved?

I went through a million and one troubleshooting things with ADT and ST. I finally rebooted my ADT hub, turned the wifi off on my phone and completed the self test on my LTE connection. Since then I’ve had no other issues. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you and I’ll dig back through my e-mails from ST.

@Guyontheinterweb did you get it figured out?

Thanks for following up. A few days ago I tried what you stated above without luck. I just tried again and everything added without issue. Maybe it was a service outage. Thank you for the help!

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That was the craziest issue for me! Glad you’re up and working. Once I got past that issue everything has been smooth sailing. Ours is setup to auto arm / disarm and I think the wife has forgotten we even have an alarm. :slight_smile: