ADT Hub hangs on "registering cellular service"

Hello first post!

I recently purchased an ADT starter pack (ADT/Smartthings Hub, door sensors and motion sensor). Paring the sensors goes perfect as well as pretty much all of the rest of the setup with other smart devices.

The issue come when subscribing to ADT’s monitoring plan and when the final step is to test the system. The test goes smooth for me and registers all the sensors and then it “hangs” on “registering cellular service”. I have spent hours on the phone with tech support with both ADT and Samsung and event they can’t figure it out.

Has anyone else experienced this issue I am having?

Hi Matt,

This happened to me too. I fixed the problem finally by removing the cellular module and reinserting it, then resetting the hub.

You need to pull the face plate off to remove a locking screw on the bottom left that locks the cellular module in place. Then remove two screws on the back of the unit that also lock the cellular module in place.

To reset the hub you need to unplug both the backup battery and the AC power.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply! I tried these steps with the tech on the phone too. Just for good measure tried once more now.

Did you do the “radio swap” option or just pull out the radio and re-insert?

thanks again

I didn’t do a radio swap. I noticed that the radio wasn’t recognized once I reinserted it, which is what prompted me to power cycle the hub. A minute or so after it booted back up I received an email from ADT that my service was now started.
Sorry I couldn’t be more help.