ADT Smoke Sensor stuck in tamper mode

While trying to re-pair my ADT ST smoke sensor after losing connection several times, it shows a status of Tampered, and I cannot arm my system without bypassing that device. How do I reset the status? it went into tamper mode when I screwed it back into mount, but the reset button is not accessible without removing it from the mount.

I can’t speak to the smoke detector as I don’t have one. I do have other sensors that showed as tampered after Samsung did an update. In my case, the fix was to remove the cover and then put it back, which resulted in a tamper clear.

So I’m thinking that you should figure out what caused the tamper to occur and then do it again, as that’s what reset it for my motion detectors. Maybe remove it and put it back again.

I was the one that caused the tamper as I removed the cover (causing the tamper), removed the battery for 20 seconds then replaced both. It’s stuck in tamper and in Open status. I removed the cover again, but this didnt cause a tamper alert, replaced the cover but the status is now in Open. Opening and closing the window doesn’t change the status either. Out of about 7 door/window sensors, 3 are acting up.

I don’t totally understand. When you re-opened the cover and put it back, did it clear the tamper? You said it didn’t cause a tamper again, but did it clear?

Also, I guess you are having problems with window sensors? We started off talking about a smoke detector but your last post talks about changing status by opening and closing windows.

Sorry, I am having tamper issues with both 2 devices and posted in the wrong thread.

Smoke alarm - the device was originally showing as unavailable in the app, I removed the device from the ceiling and removed the device from the app. After several times of unsuccessful pairing, I was able to re-pair with the hub, and when I remounted the smoke sensor the tamper went off.
Window sensor - the device was originally showing as open, so I removed the cover, which caused the tamper, then I removed the battery for about 30 seconds, then replaced both the battery and cover. The tamper status then stayed the same and the window open/close showed as Closed, but when I opened the window several times the status didn’t change.

I have rebooted the hub a few times and armed/disarmed the system a few times bypassing the devices, but they are still showing as tampered int the app.

Not sure if this applies to these smoke alarms, but my monoprice smoke alarm triggered tamper after changing the drained battery.

I was able to clear it by performing a test (holding test button for a few seconds).

When I try to pair the co and smoke detectors

showing “tamper”, but device list doesn’t have the sensor

How to solve the problem and pair the detectors?