Samsung - SmartThings ADT Home Security Problems

Having problems with my Smartthings Security System. I am having problems re-adding in my ADT Motion Detector, it will not add no matter what I try. I have followed the troubleshooting guide. I also do not have any routines, nor will it allow me to add any back. Along with my schedules do not work either.

I contacted Samsung and they ponted me to the troubleshooting guide, which I have already followed. Waiting to hear back. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Have you tried rebooting the ST/ADT hub? That helped me once when I was having trouble adding an ST/ADT motion detector.

I would try rebooting the hub (unplug both power and battery) or go through the and reboot in the hub utilities. However, that probably won’t resolve your routines issue.

For the motion sensor: ensure the device is removed from the app. Then ensure you are completely resetting the motion sensor: remove the battery and reinsert, press the tamper bar (the black bar by the battery not the white bar on the side) three times, holding down the tamper bar on the third press, red light flashes quickly, then stays on constantly, release tamper bar, and about 6 seconds later the red light will slowly flash, which puts the motion sensor into pair mode.

For the routine and schedules, you will need to contact Samsung to review your logs and they can figure out what’s hanging things up. I used the email Samsung and got a response within a couple of hours yesterday, because i wasn’t able to add any routines and got an error back. They cleared up whatever was causing the issue and I reset all the default routines back.

Rebooting didn’t work for me, in the end, I had to factory default my unit along with deleting my account and now it is working correctly. Thank you both for your suggestions.

Had a similar issue with the motion sensor turning into a ghost device