Tamper Alert

I have the ADT version. I paired my first ADT smoke detector but didn’t install on the ceiling yet. A short time later it gave a tamper alert and continues to beep on a regular interval. Anyone know what is going and how I clear the alert?

I’m not familiar with the smoke detector but the motion sensors and contact sensors will have a tamper a work if the housing gets opened say to access the battery and you simply just have to open and close the housing again to clear the tamper alert

Have you installed the smoke detector on the ceiling yet? I had a similar tamper alert for my smoke detector and as soon as I installed the device on the ceiling the tamper alert went away.

I had a tamper alert when installing one of the ADT smoke detectors too. I couldn’t get it to stop so I eventually deleted/re-added the detector and it has been fine since. Try the easy stuff mentioned above first.

Thanks everyone. I ended up deleting it and then repairing. Seems to be fine now.