Mounting All Purpose Sensor


I just got the Smartthings Hub Kit and loving it so far. I just have one quick question, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions mounting the sensor to trim? My front door has trim surrounding the door and there isn’t really a place surface. I can chisel it but I prefer not to chisel it and just wondering if there is a creative way of mounting it or if anyone has done it before on trim.


Can you upload a picture?

I just had the same issue, screwed in a lil 1X piece, then added sensor to that, making it even with sensor on trim, works fine.

Please see picture, not sure if it’s clear enough though.

Sorry I’m not sure what a 1X piece is, do you mean a piece of wood? Yeah I can do that the problem is the trim isn’t flat at all. Please see picture above.

Mine’s uneven also. I mounted the bigger piece on the door and used a smaller magnet (not the one that came with the sensor) on the trim.

I put mine between my screen door and the inside door mounted it on the horizontal portion up top.

Yep, piece of 1X wood worked for me.

I put the larger section on the door and the skinny section on the frame. You can angle it on the frame and it will still work. Just play around with the placement before you attach to make sure it shows closed. All of my door sensors are angled on the frame and all work fine.

There is also the option of NYCE hinges. They work great for me. They make nickel and bronze in 3.5" and 4". Currently on sale for $25.