Tilt and Turn windows - multisensor

I have Title and Turn windows. The window sash is a bit chunky and wanted everyones opinion on where to install a multisensor. i.e. Between the window and the sash or between the sash and frame. I’ve attached pictures for consideration. Please consider, there is no way for anyone to open the window without smashing the glass, so I’m inclined to install the sensor between the glass and sash.

When the windows is closed, there is a 5/8" difference between the sash and frame. So in order for me mount the sensor on the frame, I would need to build a standoff mount 5/8" thick so the sensors line up. It’s hard to explain and I"m hopeful my pictures do a better job then my ability to convey the questions. Speaking of which, please let me know if you have any questions.

You may need to play around with it a little bit. But I think you won’t really have much of a problem. I bet it will trigger the sensor without building a “stand”

Worse come to worse two pieces of double sided tape will do the trick i bet :smile:

+1. A gap of 5/8" is probably workable as-is. Just play with them.

Resurrecting this thread for a slightly different reason:

I live in Germany where these windows are ubiquitous. However, they present a challenge for SmartThings: I want to be able to detect “swing open” and “tilt open” states independently. Why? Full-open is relevant to security and rain protection, whereas tilt-open is relevant to temperature control.

So far, I’ve used a few (original, 2014) SmartThings open/closed sensors on these windows. By putting them at the top (where it opens for tilt) vs. the bottom (where it opens for tilt and swing) I can determine whether the sensor detects swing-open or both types of open. The challenge here is that it requires two sensors per window, which is ugly and expensive.

I’ve been looking at the new SmartThings Multi Sensor which has a 3-axis accelerometer – and is explicitly advertised to detect garage door status based on tilt. Any idea if this can be used for a tilt window? I need to detect a difference of about 15 degrees between closed and tilt-open, not 90. I’d also want the sensor to still report open/closed based on the magnetic contact.

I guess it would still be necessary to expose two virtual sensors for each window (one for “any” open/closed to use in HVAC rules/automations, and one for “swing-only” open/closed to support security and rain protection rules/automations.

Any thoughts? Advice appreciated!

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