ADT Smartthings panel feature recommendation

Couldn’t find a proper place to post this so mods please don’t be angry.

I am hoping the developers of the Smartthings ADT Panel happen onto my recommendation: Doorbell video integration. For me this would be a killer feature. I personally have my panel installed by my door, as do most people who arm and disarm the house when they first walk in. I would love to see integration with Ring and others (Nest, etc) for a brief video preview on the panel of who is on the outside of the door. Currently when my Ring doorbell is triggered I have to open my phone to see who it is, but if I can just look to the panel near my door before I open it would be even more convenient.

Anyways, just thought I’d through my two cents into the air. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.


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I think the ADT Security Hub Controller is based on 2GIG hardware (and somewhat modified OS, plus some SmartThings chips and partition).

The specs for the Controller don’t make any mention of video capability, so it is possible the hardware isn’t capable of it and/or it might take a major OS enhacement:

In the meantime, integration with Ring (and some others) is best handled via the Echo Show from Amazon (and I presume now or soon, the Google Home screen based device).

I have to mention ActionTiles, as MJPEG video streams (or JPEG snapshots) can be incorporated as Media Tiles, and some of our Customers have hacked up Tasker or AutomateIt scripts to bring up Ring upon doorbell activation.

1501 is the installer code in the bottom left corner. Thought we should share information.