ADT security panel with hub v2?

Can the ADT smartpanel be integrated as a thing, or as a secondary hub along side my hub v2? I have an opportunity to grab one at a deal, but I definitely dont want to replace my hub v2 as I know the adt hub limits connecting to certain things… i would however love to integrate it with my hub just to add the panel only features, does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you

I have the ADT panel and haven’t encountered anything that I couldn’t connect to it. Where is the information that “[…] the adt hub limits connecting to certain things […]” coming from and what are those things?

I thought you had to use adt sensors for it to recognize or work properly? Is this not true?

No – you can connect anything to it that you can connect to any of the other hubs. However, anything that triggers the alarm has to be an ADT/ST-branded device (door/window sensors, motion sensor, …).

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But can you use this hub with the hub 2 together? That way you can utilize the samsung sensors?

The guys at Konnected developed a board that probes monitored contacts. I’m testing one on my honeywell panel. it’s working on DSC also I believe. You just adjust the resistance on the board contact to match the panel wired sensor.

It’s not in production, but they have said it will be soon enough. If you wait on that, you’ll have a pretty robust product. It doesnt interact with the alarm, but it uses all your wired contacts/devices.

Also, if the ADT panel is Honeywell, you can add an envisalink4 module to interact with the panel. I have one, works nice. Prefer Konnected for sensor level interaction, but envisalink for keypad type interaction

Also, there is no alarm system that uses HA sensors. And for reliability sake, I don’t know anyone who would want that.
Security sensors monitored in ST for sure
ST (HA of all protocols) sensors in security system, NOT relying on that to keep a mouse safe

What i want, is the reliability of using the samsung smartthings hun v2, as I’m sure its going to be supported the fastest as it is Samsungs hub as far as firmware updates ect, by I want too integrate the adt smartthings panel for the panel feature and have it work in tandem with my smartthings hub. I know you can use two smartthings hubs in tandem (as far as I’ve read online anyways) so I’m wondering if I can add the atd smartthings hub to my current hub setup and still access all my things from both hubs…

OK so first there is no speed or reliability advantage to the V2 hub over the ADT panel. The ADT Panel runs just as much locally. Almost everything i have runs locally with the exception of my Wemo, Virtual devices, and Ecobee. So I doubt you would see any reliability improvements there. There is a chance that the V2 hub will get updates a little bit faster as there is less for it to deal with for validation, but the ADT panel has been updated a few times.

You should also check out ADT Tools as a integration tool to help fill in some gaps with integration. The only reason i see that i believe is truely valid for folks not liking the ADT Panel is when the are really heavily invested in the SHM setup and don’t want to convert over. I have tried to keep adding features to the ADT Tools SmartApp to make that less and less painful. incase you want to look closer at it.

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In general, yes. In practice, not so much. The ADT panel doesn’t get FW updates as often as the vs hub and is lagging behind (it currently runs 20.00201 whereas the v2 hub runs on 22.14 – meaning it is currently running two major releases behind. Major release typically adds additional devices to run locally). On the other hand, only receiving FW updates that have been properly vetted might not be a bad thing…

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You can use both as if you had 2 SmartThings Hubs (i.e., two “Locations”).

Unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t offer a seamless integration between multiple Hubs / Locations at this time.

The architecture supports it, so maybe it will be a feature someday.

So if I use the two of them, I can not control things on both devices? It will be basically two separate systems??

With a few exceptions, that is, unfortunately, correct.

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You can switch between your two hubs manually in the app. It’s a bit clunky but it will give you access to both.

With some effort you could also coax my open source HousePanel to access things from two ST hubs at the same time. In its current state it does this to access a ST hub V2 and a Hubitat hub at the same time.

But unfortunately, except through some WebCoRE hooks, no SmartApps, Routines or Scenes can involve Things from more than one Location.

ActionTiles easily facilitates mixing and matching Things from different Locations / Hubs on one or many Panels for view and control, but that doesn’t help much with automation consolidation.

True that!!!

However, using the HousePanel API one could write a python script to access multiple hubs in a script - thereby also leveraging the advanced logic capabilities of that awesome language. May be more than some want to tackle but worth it.

I think WebCoRE is an available and mature option in this regard; practically any arbitrary logic can be expressed, including inter-Location hooks.

Ironically, Front-end APIs to cross platforms are supposed to be unnecessary for the SmartThings Platform because arbitrary cloud services can be defined as Devices and/or SmartApps. It’s therefore confounding that SmartThings doesn’t have inter-Location automation as an inherent feature. But once again, a very small percentage of Customers have more than one Hub / Location.