Converting Existing ADT Pulse to ADT SmartThings Hub

My house is currently outfitted (quite extensively) with ADT pulse security components. Motion detectors, doors/windows, smoke/carbon, etc… I currently have the old “standard” ADT Panel which is relatively limited. I also don’t have security linked with Smartthings (which I also have in my house). The SmartThings Hub controls lighting throughout the house but I want to integrated with security. Can I simply purchase The ADT SmartThings Hub (better designed panel) and replace my existing ADT panels in the house? Is there anything else that needs to be done to convert to newer platform and integrated with Smartthings?

not possible. The ADT sensors aren’t compatible with the ADT/ST panel.

So that would require me to completely replace all ADT Sensors (which is a lot)??

that is unfortunately correct.

heart breaker.

Don’t splurge on ADT-SmartThings. That partnership is likely to go away soon.

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Thank you!

If ADT and smart things seperate, I wonder if these panels will continue to work. We bought the panel for redundant monitoring. We recently bought 25 contact sensors plus 3 smoke and 3 co2 sensors. I really hope the sensors and detectors will continue to work within the SmartThings environment.

If not I’ll need to find another self monitoring option.

@heythisisnate Will work with a Pulse system? I’m not sure whether their board has the same interface points as the older type of panels.

I don’t know. If the sensors are wired, then probably yes.
Take a photo and post it here.