ADT Smartthings Hub shows inactive

My ADT ST Hub keeps bouncing between Inactive and Active. On the IDE Events page it shows every so often it will reconnect for a few hours to active and then disconnect to become inactive. The wifi signal on the hub is showing 3 bars so i’m guessing it’s getting a good signal? If i plug in a version two Iris smart plug nearby will that act as a wifi repeater that will help the hub get a stronger signal if that is even why it keeps bouncing between inactive and active? I’m lost and not sure what to do…

@Mavrrick58 Any sugesstions?

I’m far from an expert but can ask some questions to get started.

When did this start? Has anything new been added around the time it started? Do you live in close quarters (apartment to a neighbor) who may have added some signal that is interfering?

It’s been happening since I set it up. It only has 2 door sensors, and a external siren hooked up to it. The house is a older plaster walled one but the router is not far on the same floor and almost a clear view of the hub… I don’t use it often either, could that be a problem?