ADT SmartThings devices not updating since 7:18PM CDT (June 10, 2018)

None of my ADT Devices are reporting activity back to the IDE since last night. Motion is not being reported back. Doors are being reported as open when they are really closed. The hub is seeing the updates but nothing is being reported back to the mobile application.

Unfortunately I removed a door sensor before realizing this and no longer have the QR code to re-pair.

You can get the code to repair from the battery cover. Just slide it off the sensor body and you should be able to get to the code to add it back.

Is the alarm part of the system getting updated. What i mean is if you set the panel to do a walk through test can will the sensor change states there.

You may want to try going into the IDE and try rebooting the hub.

Thank you! I didn’t realize a copy of the QR/Install Code was in the battery cover.

Everything suddenly started working last night around 9pm. I appreciate the help!

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