Re Add ADT Door and Window Detector with no code? (Lost sticker)

I need to be able to re-add my 2 door and window detectors that came from the ADT Smartthings Home Monitoring Kit, and I was not aware that it was so critical to keep the little adhesive backer thing from the sensor.

Is there a way to know which of the 14 sensors I have installed already these are, and if I can’t find it, is there a way to get the sensor installed anyway?

Check the inside of the sensor. I believe there is another QR code inside its cover.

That’s part of the process she sent me. I am going to test it out prior to sharing what I have as I don’t want to share bad info… So test, then share…

Okay so process verified, halfway.

One of the sensors simply put, wouldn’t power back up once taken offline. Samsung is shipping a new sensor back to me and has provided a shipping label to send back the bad one.

So there it is, just make sure you get the QR code or install code from the inside of the lid as that is more or less the devices MAC address-ish… Unique identifier etc…

Bad hardware is bad hardware, Samsung / Smartthings is doing me right, so I am happy with that.
Considering the volume of items I have and am setting up, I am not terribly shocked I had hardware come in bad.

I know I’m reopening an old thread here, but is there a workaround if the qr code is missing completely?