ADT sensor registration issue on SmartThings ADT panel

Hi, I’ve noticed that I can’t register ADT devices if the following happens:

  • Somehow it doesn’t complete the registration process at my first try – not sure what are the reasons, but read further
  • Nevertheless, the sensor gets registered by ADT part (looks like they’re completely different w/ SmartThings), though the only way you can see it is that it’s shown in “bypass sensors” list – trying to find it in ADT settings leads to nothing, it isn’t shown in SmartThings device list – neither in the app, nor in the IDE
  • If above happens, nothing seem to help to re-register the device.

Sensor type doesn’t seem to matter – I had this issue with ADT Motion Sensor, Door Sensor, and ADT Smoke Alarm.

If you know how to resolve cases like this one, please LMK. Don’t advise to reset the hub – I have like hundred of devices there + lots of integrations, so it’s way more reasonable to throw out the sensor. I did this twice in the past, and frankly, that’s the only reason to hate this product for me.

I really hope Samsung resolves this issue via firmware update, or at least suggest a workaround.

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IIRC, there was a community member who was able to get to more information about their dual logo sensors by going in through the ADT canopy website. But I don’t know if that was before or after the walk-through. Or if it would help you at all.

ADT Canopy with the SmartThings ADT model hub (phantom devices)

The people who are using the ADT model hub mostly hang out in the following thread, so you might also check with them:

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