Smartthings ADT 24/7 Monitoring Registration Issues (May 2019)

Hey guys. I’ve successfully setup a few Smartthings ADT panels including my own and a few friends. But I’m I’m running into issues setting up a new hub. I’ve successfully added all of the door and motion sensors to the hub and they show up in Security Manager but when I attempt to register for 24/7 Live Monitoring the app never passes the credentials to the ADT login page so it just sits there. This means I can’t register the panel for monitoring.

I’ve talked to both Samsung and ADT Support and they keep pointing their fingers at each other. I went as far as deleting the entire location and starting from scratch and as a desperate attempt I even bought a brand new Smartthings ADT kit and I’m still having the same issue. Has anyone seen this before? I’ve attached a few screenshots to give you an idea of what I’m seeing.

When I tap “Start Now” to enable monitoring I see the page that shows my service options. Then I tap “Go to ADT” and the web page comes up to the ADT login screen. From my previous experience, the app should automatically pass credentials to this page and present me with a registration screen but it just sits at the ADT login screen forever. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and even tried multiple phones. No luck.

Bump. Anybody?

This is a user community forum. If you need speedy device support, your best bet is to call them.


I did and I got bounced around between ADT and Samsung. This post was a desperate attempt at getting MORE help.

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I’m really hoping I’m not the only person who has seen this.