ADT Smartthings and SHM V3 pro hub 2019

I have the v3 pro hubs and am considering adding the adt smartthings hub and dual branded door/window sensors and maybe the smoke and or CO alarms in order to integrate monitored alarm service. I would also like to use the smartthings mesh(seperate from the monitored ADT) for cameras, motion, lights, doorlocks and thermostat/smartvent. I only have some lights and switches in the network as of now with the smartthings presence fob supposedly set to trigger an exterior light after dark(which works intermittently).
My questions:
MAIN QUESTION: What is the best resource for how to approach the setup and automation? Can the ADT monitored entry sensors trigger non monitored events such as:

  1. Open door with alarm armed, turn on (non monitored) lights and cameras and record with SHM as well as action that is set up in the ADT panel.
  2. Open the same door with alarm off after sunset: lights only.
  3. When using ADT remote to disarm within certain proximity, unlock nearest door if lock is connected through non ADT hub.
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You can’t use the dual logo ADT devices with any hub except the SmartThings/ADT hub model and you can’t integrate that hub with your V3 hubs.

You can have them on the same account, but each one can only control its own devices and cannot see the devices from the other hub.

So it’s not going to integrate quite in the way that you imagine. Just as one example, you cannot use the ADT key fob to do anything except trigger an alarm on the ADT panel.

There is a community – created a custom smart app called “ADT tools 2” which does allow you to set up a rule triggered off of the ADT panel being armed, but I’m actually not 100% sure if the scenario you described with the key fob would work with that, either. (@Mavrrick58 is the code author and should know) but the important thing to understand is that even if that custom code can recognize the state of the ADT alarm panel and act on that, you can only do it for lights or Locks which belong to the ADT hub. It can’t trigger devices on one of your other smartthings hubs.

So really the ADT hub just becomes a separate network in your home with its own set of devices, whether they are the dual logo devices or not.

It doesn’t sound like that’s what you are trying to accomplish, though.

  1. Is what i think ADT tools could help with if all of the devices are owned by the ADT hub and avaliable. I am not sure what you are doing with SHM, but it probably shouldn’t be needed.

  2. Seems like just general HA rules and shouldn’t be to bad on any setup.

3.The ADT fob is simply for arming and disarming the alarm so it wont have any effect on that use case.

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