ADT Pulse to Smarthings conversion

My ADT pulse is deactivated so I can’t go into the gui to remove devices. How can I reset my equipment to connect to SmartThings hub?

For example I have RCS thermostat and I click in the GUI to remove but it wont.

Any assistance and tips appreciated!

Hi, don’t know if you’ve solved this yet, but just came across the post. The RCS thermostats have a reset button on the control board in the back. If removing them from the Z-wave network hasn’t worked, I would try that. Just remove the thermostat from the mounting plate, and you’ll see a microswitch reset button back there. Be interested to know if this works, as I will be doing the same thing soon! (And thanks for the opportunity to learn from your mistake… I’ll be sure to remove everything before my Pulse is shut off! :slight_smile:)

Hi there - I came across your post and I know it’s a bit dated, but was wondering if this worked for you? I have an RCS thermostat from ADT that’s currently hooked up to the Pulse z-wave controller. I’d like to take it off of there and add it to SmartThings instead. Can you explain how I could do that? Thanks!

I recently did this and had a little trouble… had to try a few things. Before you shut down ADT Pulse, go into the system interface (Pulse Portal > System > Manage Devices) and try to remove the thermostat there first, although I don’t think that reset’s the thermostat’s Z-wave network itself. When you’re up and running on SmartThings, do a general device exclusion while doing a wireless setup in the thermostat. If it says success, you should be ready to do the same while doing an add with SmartThings. I have 5 thermostats and this seemed to work on some of them. If all else fails, open up the thermostat and you’ll find a black momentary switch on the logic board marked “reset.” You can try a soft reset by pressing it briefly, but if that doesn’t reset the Z-wave network, you’ll need to hold it down to completely reset the thermostat to factory defaults (I think 10 seconds) Here’s the thermostat guide if you need it.