Using old ADT Pulse Z-Wave Switch with ST

Like many, I’m using the deep discounts during Christmas to start doing some HA. I picked up a Hub 2, and some plugs. I have other things on the way. I’ve had ADT Pulse for some time now which uses Z-Wave. I’m ok keeping it in place because my wife likes it, but I’d like to take the one switch I have had with that system and transfer it to my ST system. So I want into the pulse site and removed it from my system. The problem is I can’t seem to get ST hub to pick it up. It’s an older Jasco Model ZW4101. Even after removing it I was able to go back into ADT Pulse and add it back by just pressing the button on the switch. Am I doing something wrong here? TIA.

If it’s a z-wave device then you need to do an exclusion so it forgets it’s current z-wave controller (your adt pulse system) and will be able to pair with a new z-wave controller (your ST system). Alternatively you can do a general exclusion from the ST hub but you’ll still need to do something on the device itself to get it to exclude.

All z-wave controllers and devices have some method for both pairing and excluding, you generally just follow the instructions that came with it to know the exact procedure. You can always look up the instructions online.

This support article explains z-wave device exclusion, including how to exclude to do a general device exclusion.

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Thanks all. Got it. Had to do a reset of the plug via Pulse. That was how I excluded it.