Can't add TZ45 thermostat

Hi. I bought a used RCS TZ45 thermostat, I have the option to remove it from the z-wave network. However, the status screen still shows that it is connected to a network. I only have the option to remove it from a z-wave network. I don’t have the option to add it to a z-wave network. My SmartThings app can’t find the thermostat. I have already done a factory reset on the thermostat. Any ideas, please?

@kww, sometimes a factory reset won’t remove zwave info. My Leviton 2 button controller is that way.

Have you tried a General Exclude in the app to force the device to be removed? This thermo is very similar to my Evolve thermo, so once you start the exclude process in the ST app, just select yes to remove it on the thermo device. Note, be sure nobody else uses a zwave device during a general exclude process.

Also, be sure to enable “Fan Cycler” as an optional fan mode when in Installer Setup mode when setting up your thermostat. This give you another fan mode to help manage air temps and comfort.

Once you’re all set up and good, and if you want a different device handler to use that I think looks and works better ;-), try mine:

Thanks for that. I moved the hub closer and also did a temporary exclude. It’s working now.

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