Alarm Panel Integration


I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to connect an existing wired alarm panel to SmartThings Hub. I currently have what appears to be a panel from 1999 which is set to work with ADT. All of the sensors are neatly wired back to the panel. I have no problem removing that and replacing it with something else. I’ve tried calling local alarm companies and they have no answers.

Has anyone found a way to do this? Having all of my door, motion, smoke alarms and everything else appear in smartthings would be awesome. If this doesnt exist, lets create it, I’m willing to fund it.


There are a few of ways to do it… many are discussed in this thread:

But basically, if you want to monitor a large number of sensors economically, you need Arduino. If you just want a few sensors, you can probably use Schlage open/close sensors or MIMOlite. The wiring will depend on the way your panel is wired.

it depends on your panel first of all. adt typically uses DSC panels, so if you can get the model number you’ll have the information you need.

i’d suggest replacing your alarm with a true home alarm so you get insurance discount certificate, and then look into @ethomasii solution for alarmserver to monitor your alarm and use your alarm door/window/motion contacts. you can even wire up smoke detectors and co2 detectors that are monitored by your alarm company that also show up in ST.

Some of us have also had luck integrating Concord Panels into ST for arming and contact sensor information. If you really interesting in a true standalone alarm, it is hard to beat a dedicated system with all the proper battery backups and a wireless data system.