ADT/SmartThings Sensors

Hi everyone. I am new here. I realise that this topic may was already discussed however cannot fund any useful info.

Do anybody have idea if smartthings/adt sensors are still useful. They are at very nice price at ebay. But I am not sure if i can connect them to my hub v2. Any information and advise is appriciated.

Some of the ADT sensors used a proprietary frequency that cannot be used with a V2 hub. A few were regular Zigbee sensors that can be. So as always, the first rule of Home Automation applies: “the model number matters.“

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Thanks for reply. Do you havy any suggestions which models can work with ST hub v2?

ADT Water leak detector


Thanks. Water sensors also have nice price. Any ideas about contact sensors and smoke detectors?

There are lot of ‘non-ST brand’ sensors that the community folks are using. Are you particular only buying smartthings sensors or any other brand?

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Any budget friendly solution acceptable :blush:

Then you can get tuya or sonoff devices from Ali express as they are dam cheap

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I was told by seller tuya devicea will require tuya hub. Do You have any experience? If tuya devices doesnot requere additional i will stick to my initial plan. Whatever available i will get from sonoff, remainings tuya

If they are Zigbee devices, see the following community faq:

FAQ: Using Tuya Zigbee Devices Directly With a SmartThings/Aeotec Hub (2024)

If they are Wi-Fi devices, they may be able to be brought in as scenes through the Smart life app, but it’s a more limited integration.

FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? [Updated 2023]


That was complicated :grin:

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Tuya is one of the most complicated integrations because the company uses a lot of proprietary code.

In the future, it may be possible to get a Tuya “matter bridge“, Connect devices to that, and then bring many of them in through matter. But we’re not quite there yet.

All of this is why you do see many sellers saying that they can only be used with a Tuya hub.

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