Adjustable bed with Smartthings and Logitech


(Iman Haryadi) #1

I am learning groovy to write a device handler. I am looking around the house for a project that I can use to learn. I come up with a simple on/off switch that connect to the bed. I hook it up with an activity in my Logitech. Here is what I got.


Hi, i have the same setup as yours, bed and all. Can you please share /explain how you did this?

(Iman Haryadi) #3

My bed come with bluetooth module.

You can sniff the bluetooth command using the bed android app. Android can log the bluetooth hci commands. You can download this to a desktop and read the command using wireshark.

I have an old notebook that has bluetooth and wifi that I install linux. I write a small phyton code to make a bluetooth-http proxy to talk to smartthing. That is pretty much it. I am in the process to move this proxy to $9 CHIP (raspberry pi like device). The CHIP is linux box with bluetooth and wifi come with it.



Can you please share your python code with us? I can use catalog to sniff and get the codes but would appreciate if you can share the python to translate to st