Raising/lowering bed at bedtime/morning

Hey all!

Crazy idea here…

I’ve got a motorized bed which can raise or lower either the chest area or the feet area.

I usually raise the feet at night, and in the morning lower them, all this with the included cable remote…

I also have an UP24 band which I use with the Sleepy Time app…

Any idea how I could integrate the bed into the System so it can become a part of the Sleepy Time Routine?

Thanks all!!!

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What does the controller look like? Is it a battery powered remote or cable attached? Does it have preset positions, or just hold until desired position is reached?

The general solution is a “smart relay” of which there are a few brands or can be built from inexpensive parts + Smart Appliance Module, or even an Arduino project.

The challenge is not disabling normal “manual” operation of the bed.

Or if the remote happens to be IR, there are a bunch of other options as well. That’s less common for a bed control, but wanted to mention it just in case.

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Edit: At first I imagined this bed was being raised into the ceiling/wall. As long as you can’t be squished, go for it. =)

Considering the number of people complaining about their garage doors opening without cause, and in particular the number of problems with presence detection, this is something I wouldn’t consider unless there are built in — not hacked — safety mechanisms in place.


This is a very good point. And of course fire safety is always a concern in sleeping areas.

But if it’s just a matter of triggering the remote from a different transmitter, sometimes that’s pretty easy.

There are several expensive bed brands like Sleep Number and the Tempurpedic adjustable bed that have wireless controllers or iPhone Apps and those typically use WiFi, Bluetooth, or IR. Those can all potentially be bridged to ST without raising any safety issues although, as you mention, you might get some random command messages, no different than your kid sneaking into the room and playing with the remote.

So the first step is to find out the brand and model of the bed and track down the communication protocol.

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I started looking into this recently, our bed has lights, speakers and massage settings (I have a bad back) and it’s controllable via Bluetooth. My wife actually had the idea of making the bed vibrate as a notification at night. Example: Our toddler opens her door at night, it will flash some lights and gently vibrate the bed to wake you up. You could even add this to the “alarm” settings so if the house alarm goes off the bed vibrates to wake you up.


Hey @tgauchat ! Is a simple cable connected remote with 6 buttons.

2 for moving the head area, 2 for the feet area, and 2 for both areas at the same time…

I’m considering moving both areas but independently… If it’s not too hard…

And yeah, it’s a question of holding till you reach the desired position!

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Great start!

Could you attach photos? Perhaps also, if you can, open up the controller and photograph the wiring. I suspect it’s low voltage switches hardwired (ie, no fancy chips) or a wired via circuit board traces.

Relays can replicate this controller (probably), but wiring everything in parallel so you don’t disable the original manual control is a challenge.

I am going to start this up again even though it is an old thread (since you all were discussing beds with remotes). I just recently realized that our Tempurpedic base has a WiFi module built into it for use with their Smartphone app. I now have it connected to our network and it works pretty good. Same functions as the remote. The module is called TEMPUR-Ergo Premier.

My wife always turns vibrate on for the legs at night when we go to bed and this has helped her restless leg thing tremendously. What I would like to do is have that as part of the routine that runs at night before when we go to sleep (set the thermostat, turn off all lights, turn on the fan for white-noise, etc).

I have been searching around to see if there is any API for this, but I have found nothing. If anyone has any idea about how to start writing an app for this - that would just be awesome.

Does that App work when you are not home? (ie, is it LAN only or go through some Temperpedic cloud?).

If LAN only, then sniffing its commands is a feasible option… A cloud connection is more likely to be secured with SSL.

I have Reverie bed with bluetooth connection. I go with the bluetooth route and able to control my bed.

You can take a look at it.

I am pretty happy with the result. I have enable a few more instance such as the zero gravity/ anti snore and messaging.

i have the exact same setup as yours, can you please share details on how you executed this?

I realize this is a bit older but I started looking at this yesterday. After snaging a few packets while using the android app I see that it’s actually sending hex data via UDP packets to the wifi module directly. I also saw that Tony did some work on this here https://www.ossramblings.com/computer-control-your-tempurpedic-ergo-bed-frame

I can’t seem to send the UDP packets from smartthings though. I tried doing the following to no avail…

def x = new physicalgraph.device.HubAction("${cmd}\r\nHOST: $ip\r\n\r\n", physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN)
x.options = [type:"LAN_TYPE_UDPCLIENT"]

 log.debug "Sending"

Any I ideas would be appreciated.

Edit: works randomly and requires a hub reboot.

I know this is old but the official Reverie Nightstand app is not only terrible, but it is currently down and Reverie suggested it could be as long as a month or more before it is live again.
Were you able to successfully control the Bluetooth module of your Reverie bed with SmartThings? We just got a split king Reverie 9T and while we love the bed the best features are app only and without the app we are unable to program at all.

Still unable to figure it out @iharyadi, I tried to ah him via YouTube, here and so on but never responded. I guess he doesn’t monitor anymore. Still unable to make this work… Looking at log cat, I see the commands it’s sending but can’t translate them. For an example

Wish we could make this work somehow

Most likely triggering a shortcut on an Android device using something like SharpTools. It integrates with SmartThings and has an android app. if it’s got a shortcut or widget in there you most likely can trigger it from smartthings using Tasker.


Sharptools will let you use things already in smartthings. Tasker plugin will not help since Tasker can’t send any intent to the bed. This would have been usual if there was some type of api to use or intent to use with the bed remote app. The only way I can think if is to sniff the Bluetooth commands and translate them to http or similar. But that’s not something I am familiar with too much

No, the Tasker SharpTools plug in allows you to use your android device as a middleman between devices controlled by Android devices and SmartThings. There are a ton of examples out there if you search the forum. Basically if you can control the bed through your Android phone between Tasker and SharpTools you should be able to control in SmartThings.

Hey there. Has anyone made any progress with this? I have a Reverie 9T with Bluetooth module. There is also a remote but I don’t know if it communicates via Bluetooth also or IR. Really want access to the Bluetooth so I can make use of features like alarm wake-up with massage and raising head. App is still mostly useless. Would happily donate to encourage this.