A way to send Bluetooth commands

Hi all,

Is there a UK way for me to get ST to send out Bluetooth commands. I’ve just purchased a robot vacuum that has a bluetooth controller with it. I would like to get a virtual switch on my SmartThings which when pressed sends out the same signal as the remote.

I know it wouldnt be 2-way communication, but that doesnt both me. Does anyone know if/how this is possible?

Can you program custom Bluetooth commands into the Harmony Hub? Is there a “zwave/zigbee to bluetooth converter” device.

Oh and before anyone says it - i’m not asking about the SmartThings built in Bluetooth - I know thats not working like this yet.


No… But you could build one.

A “simple” way might be to use @joshua_lyon’s SharpTools with Tasker on an dedicated Android device (old, but new enough to have Bluetooth 4.x, BLE).

Another way is with Event Ghost and a PC.

Or Arduino or Raspberry Pi (via LAN device type or Smart Thing Shield or other ZigBee board).


Will SharpTools send OUT a Bluetooth command? Rather than just listen for one?

No, but that would be the job for Tasker or another one of a few competitive Android script builder Apps; SharpTools just provides the hooks to SmartThings that are critical to make this a complete solution.