Adding Nest to SmartThings

I purchased it however it’s been downloading for over 10 minutes on my iMac. Does this only work with PC?

Did you receive the sellfy download link and click on it? Which browser are you using?

I did it using safari but read after chrome is preferred. I’m doing it on chrome now and it works however I lost 1 of 5 of my downloads due to this

Not a problem, it will be reset

The setup instructions state an email with a code will be sent to me. I’ve only received my PayPal receipt and a thank you message with the download link. Did I miss it?

You’ll get the code by clicking on the sellfy download link inserted in the email you’ve already received … It’s a zip file with the code and instructions in a pdf file.

You just need to follow the setup instructions that I sent you in an earlier post in this thread.
That’s it.

P. S. If you aren’t familiar with ST, please refer to the ST community wiki under troubleshooting for additional help on the installation:

I’m a little frustrated. I don’t have a pdf file in my downloads. I have a word document titled InstallationSteps-MyNext Devices. I have text documents with the following titles:

Release notes

That’s all I got with my download. Am I missing something?

No, you have everything…

I was able to get it working. Everything is great. The only thing I noticed after adding my devices is that when you rename them it doesn’t replace with that name. Basically you have the original named device and the newly named one. I just deleted the original names I didn’t want. Thanks again. Totally worth $20

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MyNextManager (service manager) would have deleted the old devices after a while… It’s not immediate though as it polls the devices every 15 minutes by default.

P. S. You may want to post your positive feedback under my thread for other Nest users to see… Just a suggestion here as some community members try to give me bad reviews (even though they don’t use any of my products) b/c I ask for a contribution for my excellent products.


Hi there. I was curious if there will be an update to allow this to work on the new Samsung Smart things app. It currently says it doesn’t support my Nest Devices.

Yes, you can interact and see the basic attributes of the MyNextTstat and MyNextAlarm within the new Samsung app since August 22nd if you have the latest versions. You can download the latest versions using your original sellfy download link.

BTW, you cannot instantiate the objects under Things with the new Samsung app, you still need to use the ST classic app to create the devices, but you can view/interact with the devices under the new Samsung app provided that you refresh the cache as indicated in the installation pdf file.

In your case, if your Things are already created, you just need to save and publish the new code (over the existing one) and make sure to refresh the cache (especially on android).


Thank you. I did modify all the handlers and smartphone with the updated codes and saved and published them. Was there anything else I was supposed to do? I receive an error trying to log into Nest

Hi, could you send me a screenshot of what kind of issue you’re having with Nest at

My cloud-to-cloud Nest-SmartThings integration should not affect your Nest login in any way…It’s an add-on to what you have at Nest.

Upgrading the code should not involve any sign-in at Nest as you should be already authorized with Nest… If you try to login again, then you need to press ‘allow’ at the bottom of the authorization screen (you need to scrolll down a lot )…


How do you get the weather to work,
My nest thermostat is showing up fine but i can’t weather to work,
Do i need to add a piece of code to see where i am?

On my ST IDE my home is showing as Coordinates, ( I am in the UK )
On my ST app there is a red dot on the top left corner, when i go into it it says this device is unavailable ( the required weather data is not available yet)

When i go into IDE / show device / status offline

Any help appreciated,

is there any update as to wether this works with the newly updated smartthings app? I’m not going backwards to the classic.

How are you creating a developer account? I go to nest developer and it says it shutting down. is there any updated info as to how I can get my Client ID and secret inputted so I can get my NEST thermostats to work with Smartthings?

There was an update to NST Manager

That worked. Thank you very much.

i just wanted to check to see if this solution is still working for the Nest thermostat. I am thinking about getting a Nest version 3 thermostat as it seems to be the only smart thermostat i can find that supports different fan speeds on an HVAC unit. Ecobee does not. I do, however, want to be able to integrate it with Smartthings!
Does it still work?
Is there another smart thermostat i should be looking at that integrates with smartthings and supports multiple fan speed control?