Adding Connect Home Pro to existing SmartThings Hub V2


(Michael) #1


I recently purchased four Connect Home Pro Wi-Fi Hubs with the intention of adding them to my SmartThings v2 Hub environment. I purchased these with two goals in mind: creating a stronger Wi-Fi mesh network, and repeating z-wave and zigbee throughout my home. However, I can not figure out how to add these to the SmartThings Classic app, which I currently use to manage my environment (~30-40 smart devices). I was really hoping to make these devices slaves to my current SmartThings V2 Hub as I prefer the local operation for certain functionality (lighting etc).

In the documentation I have found, it says you “should” add the Connect Home Pro’s via the Samsung Connect / new Smart Things app. Is this actually a “must”? if so, how do I migrate my SmartThings classic account/automation to the new app?

(Jimmy) #2

Yeah, gotta use the new app. They also won’t repeat zigbee or z-wave for your v2 hub. You can’t manually migrate your account. If you really really really want to use the Connect Home, you’ll have to start from scratch.

(Joe) #3

Same situation but with a twist and some issues to boot:
My setup is Old Hub V2 with all the devices set up using that originally a year ago with old “SmartThings” app on my Galaxy S7 Edge phone.
Last weekend I purchased 2 Connect Home Pro’s (with same intention as orig poster Wi-Fi mesh and repeaters for existing “ecosystem”). I used the new SmartThings App which is now next to the old Smartthings app on my phone. Finally got the Pro’s to connect to the network and I set them in “Bridge Mode” AND “SmartThings Hub” is set to the ON slider position. It says Devices on Network: 17.

Question/Issue 1: Should I have the “Pros” set to the OFF Slider for the “SmartThings Hub” since I’m still utilizing the original Hub V2?

Question/Issue 2: In the main Dashboard it is showing I have 2 “Home” locations with the Connect Pro in 1 and all the other devices in the other. Is there a way to remedy this? I just want it all under a singe location if it matters… Do I “retire” the old unit by redoing all the connections under the “Pro” home location now? Is there a way to migrate the old settings instead or do I just turn off the “Pro’s” SmartThings Hub slider?

Thank you in advance.

(PiotrNJ) #4

Same question
What is least painful way to migrate from ST v2 to Samsung Connect Home.
So far - other than disconnecting all of connected things and than reconnecting them all - one by one - back to new Connect Home, all while loosing all my routines etc - I do not know any other way.
help would be much appreciated/