Adding Connect Home Pro to existing SmartThings Hub V2


I recently purchased four Connect Home Pro Wi-Fi Hubs with the intention of adding them to my SmartThings v2 Hub environment. I purchased these with two goals in mind: creating a stronger Wi-Fi mesh network, and repeating z-wave and zigbee throughout my home. However, I can not figure out how to add these to the SmartThings Classic app, which I currently use to manage my environment (~30-40 smart devices). I was really hoping to make these devices slaves to my current SmartThings V2 Hub as I prefer the local operation for certain functionality (lighting etc).

In the documentation I have found, it says you “should” add the Connect Home Pro’s via the Samsung Connect / new Smart Things app. Is this actually a “must”? if so, how do I migrate my SmartThings classic account/automation to the new app?

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Yeah, gotta use the new app. They also won’t repeat zigbee or z-wave for your v2 hub. You can’t manually migrate your account. If you really really really want to use the Connect Home, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Same situation but with a twist and some issues to boot:
My setup is Old Hub V2 with all the devices set up using that originally a year ago with old “SmartThings” app on my Galaxy S7 Edge phone.
Last weekend I purchased 2 Connect Home Pro’s (with same intention as orig poster Wi-Fi mesh and repeaters for existing “ecosystem”). I used the new SmartThings App which is now next to the old Smartthings app on my phone. Finally got the Pro’s to connect to the network and I set them in “Bridge Mode” AND “SmartThings Hub” is set to the ON slider position. It says Devices on Network: 17.

Question/Issue 1: Should I have the “Pros” set to the OFF Slider for the “SmartThings Hub” since I’m still utilizing the original Hub V2?

Question/Issue 2: In the main Dashboard it is showing I have 2 “Home” locations with the Connect Pro in 1 and all the other devices in the other. Is there a way to remedy this? I just want it all under a singe location if it matters… Do I “retire” the old unit by redoing all the connections under the “Pro” home location now? Is there a way to migrate the old settings instead or do I just turn off the “Pro’s” SmartThings Hub slider?

Thank you in advance.

Same question
What is least painful way to migrate from ST v2 to Samsung Connect Home.
So far - other than disconnecting all of connected things and than reconnecting them all - one by one - back to new Connect Home, all while loosing all my routines etc - I do not know any other way.
help would be much appreciated/