Move from Hub v2 to Samsung connect pro ( Pros and Cons)

I currently own a SmartThings Hub v2 and have around 40 devices connected to it via Zigbee, Zwave, and Wifi. I’m curious if there are any advantages to upgrading to the Samsung Connect Pro. I don’t plan on using the Connect’s wifi capabilities, only its SmartThings features. Any suggestions or feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Don’t switch… stay with the v2 for now. If you do switch, stay with one of the hubs only… either The Station or Aeotec hub for SmartThings. Only thing you gain by switching to a newer hub is thread.

Skip the Samsung Connect or wifi mesh with Plume, I would be not surprised if they are nearing their end of life. Avoid them anyway, search for one of @JDRoberts comments of those models.


Only disadvantages in that migration, I’m afraid. The connect pro is already a discontinued model, and neither it nor its replacement, ET-WT525, have an announced hardware partner for the new architecture, and neither fully supports the new architecture. You can find lots of forum threads about the issues.

If you want a new hub and you need zwave support, the best one to get is the Aeotec Smart Home Hub (same specs as the smartthings V3), model GP-AEOHUBV3.

If you won’t be using zwave, you can save some money by getting the brand new Samsung smartthings “station.” Model ep9500.”

Note that, unfortunately, neither has a migration utility, so you have to remove each of your devices individually from the old hub and add them individually to the new one, as well as rebuilding all of your automations. So most people are just sticking with the V2 they have for now.


Yes, this. ↑↑
The V2 is still a great piece of kit. Mine is still working fine.
Plenty of other things you can use as a thread border router.