Adding a Centralite smart plug? (UK)

Hi, could anybody please tell me how to connect this to smartthings?

Thanks in advance

I can’t read the model number in that picture, but I believe it’s probably the following:

In which case if it’s that, or any of several similar models, you should be able to add it as a generic zigbee on/off switch. I’m not sure about getting the energy monitoring features, though, if it has those.


Unplug any devices from the module and unplug from the wall. Now hold the on/off button while plugging it back into the wall. Hold the button until the status LED turns on.

The on/off button is that button on the side in your picture.

It should then be at ready to add.

Adding to ST

Which version of the smartthings app are you using? The 2021 android version that was just released this month? Or the previous 2018 version?

Thanks for the info, Android fone has latest App and galaxy tab 2018 app

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Morning JD,
I tried everything on the data sheet and the generis switch idea but no joy.
When i press the on/off/pr button it illuminates blue press again it goes off.Does not matter how long i press it for it will not flash?

You need to hold the button pressed as you plug it in (assuming the socket is switched on) then release it. This resets it for inclusion.

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Hi Andy
Thanks but ive tried that and no joy lol, I have 2 of them and its the same with both. They were both working but then i changed broadband and now not working.