Added user, no devices shown or anything else populated in the ST app

Sent invite to new user, created account, installed the st app on the other phone, logged in but there is no devices to control. Any ideas?

Click on Menu-Hub-Down Arrow-Your Hub

Did that, nothing there, list is empty , no devices, no apps, nothing
Only options Add thing, Add Room …

Removed the user, sent invite again, same result
Working fine on the owner device ( me :slight_smile: )

Click on Menu-Hub-Down Arrow-Location-Select yours

That’s what I did Daniel, only one location there Home and it’s selected
Even the map showing for that location is completly incorrect somewhere in California instead of Ontario/Canada
Emailed support yesterday and now waiting for reply

It’s winter. Lots of Canadians in warm territories in US.
And Life-is-Fun.
Hope you get it all sorted out.

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Haaaaahahaha :slight_smile:

ST support fixed that glitch, working properly now