Added new user to account but their iphone doesn't show up on ST app

I added family members to ST app using their email addresses.

One son’s iphone showed up under Family and presence detection works fine.

The other son’s iphone does not show up under Family. He installed ST app and showed me he can turn lights on and off. But his iphone presence is not detected.

I asked him about location sharing on iphone and he had it turned off for ST app.
He turned location sharing on for ST app but his iphone presence is still missing under Family and under Devices.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I have that same issue on my daughters phone. I haven’t dug into it yet. I have my son’s and wife’s phone just fine. Just need to get time on her phone. I was going to try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it first and see what happens.

If you find anything out can you post here. I don’t think I will have time to look at this till next week.


I think you add the phone as a new device. Go to Marketplace Things tab -> Coming and Going -> Mobile Phone.

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Thanks, that did the trick!

New to ST and just ran into the same issue. Super frustrating. I am the tech lover of the household and the wife tolerates tech when it works and she doesn’t have to figure anything out on her own. Love the idea of setting up my own security/house monitoring system. All of which is contingent upon the the system recognizing my wife’s phone so she doesn’t have to stress too much about how to manage the system.

Short answer on the fix: Even though your phone’s name is already in there since you set it up, go into —marketplace>sensors>presence sensors>mobile phone>+connect now— on your phone. Add it and boom, both phones…

The method, for those of you who want to re-read everything you’ve attempted up until this point:
Set everything up on my google pixel. Went to manage users and it wanted me to put in an email address. I knew it was going to try to make me create another ST account with her email address which in my situation made no sense; I just wanted to add her to the app so she could control lights, fans, locks, etc. if she wanted to from her phone instead of voice. Downloaded the app on her iphone and started to log in thinking of course that I could just add her as another user and that it would recognize her phone. NOPE. Frustrated, I gave in and sent the “add user” email and created her account. When logging in to her account for the first time it asked if I wanted to continue on to my original account with her user info. Ok cool, clunky way but if it works whatever. NOPE- in my account but still no phone. And every time I attempted to add her phone through marketplace it said phone already registered (or whatever the wording was). Logged in and out on both phones 47 times and reset the hub. NOTHING. Then just started messing with my phone and figured I’d try to add mine just to what it said. What do ya know, it added my phone. Her phone presence took over my OG presence!

So I’m thinking that maybe a short term (long term? pending a fix) is to “add” existing mobile phones after logging in with a new one since the new one might just steal the ID of existing ones. Then just rename and good… We are only a two phone household at the moment so I can’t easily test my theory any further than this…

Hope this helps someone!! After some other early on frustrations, this almost sent me down the returns road… Hopefully smooth sailing from here…