Devices disappear on phone

Sorry, I have no idea where this belongs.
Have quite a few ST devices. ST app on an android and iphone. For a few years, every device I added by android showed up on the iphone,
A few days ago we bought a Samsung refrigerator and added it as an ST device through my android phone. Checked the iphone. ALL devices disappeared. Checked location and room. Both are correct, but the iphone shows “No devices.” How do I get them back?

Try clicking on menu and at the top you should see Home listed (unless you renamed it) with a pull-down arrow to the right. Click on that pull-down and see if there is a second Home location listed and select it. Then check if your devices show up.

Two choice. “Home” and “add location”

Have you tried signing out/signing in to see if that restores the devices? Note - signing out will cause you to lose any sorting on the dashboard.

Contact ST support if it continues.

Sign out/in made no difference.
How do I contact ST support? phone? email?

You can also go through the new app > menu > contact us