Replacement Hub not recognized

My first hub died so got it replaced. Now in my SmartThings mobile app it just says “your hub is offline”, and I don’t see how to delete my old hub and add my new one.

You could try uninstalling/installing the app.
Then when you login to the newly installed app, you should get the option to login to existing or new account. (I think). :slight_smile:
Open a new account to your new hub.
Like I say, not tried it but it might work.

OK, I had uninstaleld / reinstalled the app, but used the same account.

My account is tied to my email address so guess I have to use another email account?

Yes. I’m afraid so.
When I went from V1 to V2 I had to use a different email address.
If you are not in a hurry to set it up, you could get in touch with support. They will then (hopefully) delete your existing account so that you can use the email address again.

You don’t have to use another email for a new hub. You can add another hub to the same account and just give it another name. I have two hub and hub 1 is location 1 and hub 2 is location 2.
All you have to do is go into the SmartThings app and add a location. It will then ask you to tie it to a new hub if you have one. After that you can delete the old hub or just leave it.


Yup I have a V1 and V2 on the same email. No issues.

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Thanks, I was able to add a new location and also had to call to get my code. They answered within a few minutes and was resolved in just another few minutes. Had to take a pic of the back of the hub and email it to them.

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