Add new piston...does not work!

(Louis Lefebvre) #1

Hello, I would like to have an expert opinion. My + add core piston no longer works. The roulette turns, turns off and then nothing. Do I have to delete everything and lose everything or is there a way to do without losing my core piston already installed?
Thanks in advance…

(Matthew Valeri) #2

After your first piston you must add new pistons by going to:


Don’t do it from the Marketplace section.

(Louis Lefebvre) #3

Thank you Matthew.

(Louis Lefebvre) #4

Amazing,I can not add core Piston with my Ipad, just with my Iphone ???
Is that normal ?

( I hate Mondays) #5

Are you opening CoRE from the Automations tab?

(Louis Lefebvre) #6

Yes, I open CoRE from automotion tab, but I resolve the problem by reloading the Smartthings Ipad App and now everything’s back as normal.
Thank you ady624 to trying help me out.