Add Nest Mini as 3rd smart speaker (after 2 sonos systems) - Not showing in SmartThings

My google assistant is hooked up to my 2 sonos systems. I can control the 2 sonos systems from SmartThings :slight_smile:

I’ve added a pair of Nest Minis. I see them in my Google Home/Assistant (which is connected to SmartThings) but I don’t see them in SmartThings and thus can’t control them from SmartThings :frowning:

What am I missing???

That feature is not available out of the box. The Google Home integration is one way. SmartThings shares your devices with Google, not the other way around.

What is your main goal? There might be a solution for it, but depends on the use case what you want.

ok, thanks, GS.

I’ve tried to standardize my setup so everything is controlled by SmartThings via Google Assistant Routines to take advantage of its flexibility and avoid the insipid GA voice confirmations. For instance, I have a Pause GA routine which calls a SmartThings scene which stops my 2 Sonos systems.

In this case, I wanted to use Google Assistant to control the minis to stop playing the pandora station. I would have like to have added the minis to my Pause scene. I guess I’ll have to stick with the native Google Assistant commands to control.

First world problem.:slight_smile:

First of all you can add more commands to the GA Routine, like “pause Kitchen speaker”.

But there is another solution but it requires some additional hardware and software and some tinkering.

Look at this topic: