Google Nest Mini Speaker, Smartthings and Sharptools

Can I play a radio station at a Google Nest Mini Speaker through commands at Smartthings using Sharptools?

Do you already have your Google Home devices connected through SmartThings?

You might be able to use one of the commands from the cast-web-api integration with the Rule Engine to queue up music. (Those commands would also be exposed in the SharpTools Tasker plugins too)

We also recently added Album Art support for the cast-web-api integration to dashboards.

Edit: You might try Google Assistant Relay as well:

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Thanks for your response, I will try the two options indicated.

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I happen to have ActionTiles but I am ‘playing’ with Sharptools also.

I would like to either play music on my Nest Mini from Smartthings as well as play notifications, most likely triggered by people opening the front door. I suspect I might be able to do it via Tasker (if I am in the house at the same time) but I have not had the energy to dig thru tasker yet. ANd I am reluctant to add another “integration” into the mix as I already have IFTTT.


Looking through the documentation for the cast-web-api project, it looks like they have support for TTS, playing tracks, and defining ‘presets’ which you can then trigger based on other events in your house with the Rule Engine (you can build rules right in your browser - no need for Tasker).

The cast-web-api device exposes a variety of interesting commands which I’ve noted below. I’ve bolded some of the more interesting ones that might apply to your use case… including playText() for TTS announcements, playTrack() for playing an arbitrary MP3/music file, and the presetN()commands for playing presets:

Expand to see commands for cast-web-api
  • checkForUpdate
  • mute
  • nextTrack
  • off
  • on
  • pause
  • play
  • playPreset
  • playText
  • playTextAndRestore
  • playTextAndResume
  • playTrack
  • playTrackAndRestore
  • playTrackAndResume
  • poll
  • preset1
  • preset2
  • preset3
  • preset4
  • preset5
  • preset6
  • previousTrack
  • refresh
  • restoreTrack
  • resumeTrack
  • setLevel
  • setTrack
  • speak
  • stop
  • unmute

As mentioned above, we recently added Album Art support for cast-web-api to dashboards which means you could do neat things like build jukebox style dashboards: Jukebox Dashboard with Album Art Jukebox Dashboard

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ok thanks I will check it our. I already have rules/triggers in ST and webCoRE. I would prefer to not have to add yet another engine.

Curious as to why, given that ST/Google spend so much market hyping their integration, that the integration is only 1 way. Would it not make sense to have the google speaker hubs show up as a ST device to either use as a display of ST output, play music, play voice announcements, or even activate Google’s routines like “good morning”.

I think this is the new plague of IoT. We expect integration between vendors and we do build them as they don’t really support it both ways. But seeing the reasons why Google killed the Works with Nest program and meanwhile seeing ST not letting 3rd party rule engines to see STHM states (and trigger them?), just through some quirky virtual switch methods.
It doesn’t make any difference if someone has an access to a switch “away” or an STHM state “away”. Wrong password management can cause any issues and both Samsung’s servers or 3rd party servers can be hacked.
We should be happy that the cast-api and the Assistant Relay is still working and haven’t been considered yet a vulnerability by any lawyer.