Sonos launches Google Assistant voice control

Would be cool if you can use both Alexa and GA on Sonos interchangeably.

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The update arrived, and as expected, you can only use one assistant at time. The assistant seems very fast, I wonder if Sonos is the first to launch the local processing.that Google announced at I/O?

I hope they make it possible to add Sonos to a google speaker group (doesn’t seem to work now after they added assistant)

And I would love to be able to play my Sonos TTS across an entire google speaker group. (Have big talker use the Sonos TTS service but play it on all my google home minis)

That’s because Alexa cannot group them either. So I guess when Alexa can, we set the timer for Google for a year before they release it too LOL

I don’t know why it takes so long to include Sonos in their groups, it seems such an easy thing to implement.

In my experience, Google Assistant feels much faster than Alexa anyway, regardless of any local processing. Could just be that?

So for Google Assistant to be able to control SmartThings devices I need a Google Home? Lame. And why is this? I had Alexa hooked up with a SmarThings skill and could control everything. Is it because my Sonos One comes hard-wired with Alexa smarts?

That doesn’t seem right. Not according to Sonos website “Enjoy voice control for Sonos from your phone, a Google Home Mini, or any other smart device with the Google Assistant built in.”. Did you link SmartThings to Home app, like you would install the skill in Alexa app?

Never mind, my bad! I was mis-reading a how-to article on Smartthings. Once I added SmartThings to my Google Home iOS app everything is there and working as expected

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